I’m a friendly, professional journalist, copywriter and communications specialist based in Edinburgh. I write for a diverse client base that includes digital and print media (The Guardian, Daily Record, Metro, The Independent, MSN, BuzzFeed etc.), the charitable sector and luxury brands.

Why choose me?

  • I’m always available for a face to face meeting on Skype, by phone (or in person if you live in Edinburgh).
  • I offer unlimited edits and redrafts on everything I write to ensure you’re 100% happy with the final product.
  • I have a wide range of specialities and interests, as well as extensive non-journalistic work experience within the charitable, management and higher education sectors.
  • I’m creative and have a great track record when it comes to creating viral content, including this million view post on BuzzFeed.
  • I have 3800 followers on Twitter and can share your articles with them.
  • My copy is always  engaging, concise, polished, appealing and perfectly edited to fit your house style.
  • I’m extremely prompt, professional, friendly and never miss a deadline!

As a journalist, my client list includes The Guardian, The Independent, BuzzFeed, The F Word, ChortleThe PokeMSN and Metro amongst many others. I’m confident in a range of formats, from reviews, interviews, features, lists, quizzesgalleries, live blogs and opinion to news and general commentary.

My rates for journalistic work, editing, proofreading and copywriting are very reasonable and entirely negotiable. I can offer a package to fit any budget, and I offer a 25% discount to charities. Get in touch today for a quote.

“I am thrilled with Hilary’s work. It would have taken me ages to write a page of copy and it would not have been nearly as good as this. I would highly recommend her.” – Evadne Stern. CEO, Enterprise Manchester.

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